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ZX Spectrum+

After the well known 'rubber keyed' Spectrum came the ZX Spectrum+.  I never encountered one during my childhood, probably becuase they came out a little later, but also becuase I was perfectly happy with my 48K.  The Spectrum+ is basically a 48K with a 'proper' keyboard - nothing wrong with the 'rubber keys' ;).
Either way I wanted one for my collection, so off to EBay again, and it wasn't long before a boxed Spectrum+ was sitting on my bench.
ZX Spectrum+
ZX Spectrum+ (Issue 6A)
First impressions were that it was in good condition, but very dirty.  Voltages checked out fine, a good sign, but no picture when I plugged it into my TV.  I decided to perform the standard composite upgrade first given my success with this is in past.  And guess what ?  It worked - another dodgy tv out circuit.
ZX Spectrum+ fist boot
ZX Spectrum+
Well that was easy.  Now for the standard future proofing, recapping and replacement of the linear power regulator with a switched regulator.
ZX Sepctrum+ Recapped
Recapped and new power regulator
As a final upgrade I fixed a heat-sink to the ULA to improve its chances of working for a few more years.  Pleased with that - fully working mint Spectrum+ Issue 6A from 1984.  The only thing left was a good clean, especially of the keyboard.

I knew it was all going too well - on reinstalling, the keyboard membrane completely failed :( Luckily, as with most Spectrum parts, a new membrane was easily sourced on the internet.

Time for some proper testing.

Loading games on ZX Spectrum
Game load test

It was now ready to join my others on the Spectrum shelf ...

Retro computer shelf